Our second week of activities started with a trip to the dentist’s. Today it was the turn of Karina, Ksusha, Ksusha, Yulia and Tanya, accompanied by me and Yulia. The children were all very well behaved and once their individual appointments were over occupied themselves in the waiting room with no fuss.

While the first group of children were out, the other children stayed at the Scout Hut and practised for the end of visit party, then had a bit of time playing outside.

Lunch was at the Scout Hut then we all got in the bus and travelled to Woodhouse for our afternoon at Beaumanor Hall.

When we got there we sat and had a briefing from one of the members of staff. We were told about what the challenge would be and shown how to tie ropes.

Our challenge was to build a bridge over water, capable of supporting the weight of an adult. The children were split into three groups and went off to start work on their bridges. Once they had an idea of the shape of the bridge, they then took their rope and started to try out their knot tying skills.

Around half an hour later, the bridges were complete and ready for testing. The first one was tested by Johnjo but due to some miscalculation, didn’t quite reach all the way, resulting in some wet feet! The second one was tested by the whole of the second group (Karina, Ksusha, Nastya and Palina) and stood up pretty well. The third bridge was constructed by Dan’s team (Igor, Tanya, Yulia, Dan and Millie) and was the strongest of the bunch, tested out successfully by Yulia and Jim.

The afternoon was rounded off at the play area, before it was time to get on the bus and come home.

Thanks for Maria, Johnjo, Eleri, Toma and Kloe for volunteering today.

See you all tomorrow for Llama trekking.

Lucy x

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