At the beginning of November Sue and Jonathan from the charity visited Belarus meeting new children to bring onto the programme for our next visit in August 2020. While out there they met a truly inspirational little girl who has absolutely captured their hearts. Her vibrancy and zest for life are incredible given that she is living with a serious medical condition and a complex set of circumstances that most adults would find extremely challenging.

Her name is Sonia and she is 7 years old. She lost her mum when she was just an infant and she now lives with her granny in a small village in the Cherikov region of Belarus, an area that remains contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Thanks to her indomitable character and the love & care that she receives from her granny, Sonia is able to attend the village school where she loves to learn and play with her peers. This adorable little chatterbox has a hunger for life and is as bright as a button.

We feel that she would benefit hugely from a month in the UK on our Family Hosting Programme, but due to her medical needs and lots of red tape, getting her here may be a tough battle. We are ready for that fight.

We are currently working with our charity colleagues in Mogilev to try and overcome the obstacles that stand in our way, because we feel that a month of love, care, fun & fresh air will help her to flourish, and because we believe that she deserves a break.

We have launched “Sonia’s Fund”, a special fund that will be used to help Sonia’s granny to provide the care and nutrition that she needs at home and to cover the cost of a month of recuperative care in Leicestershire.

Please help us if you can. Any contribution no matter how small will be truly appreciated. Just the price of a pint would make a difference. Thank you!

Donate online or message us if you can contribute in any other way.

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